Welcome to the 21st century!

Leave behind your paper visas and ink stamps.

A revolution is taking place in the “people identification” industry. A new IT platform incorporating blockchain technology will become the wave of the future for people’s Birth Records, Social Security Numbers and other government identification, Green Cards, Passports, Visas and even Airline and other Travel Tickets.

“Blockchain” refers to a “de-centralized”, distributed public ledger of information linked on a network of computers. No one computer system is the owner or central repository of the information; thus, no one can operate as the master or manipulator. Parts of the information can be kept private and secure while other parts become publicly-distributed and available.

Matched with advances in artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology, paper visas and passports will become relics of the past.

In the case of immigration visas, once the Consulate approves and issues the visa, it will be recorded and confirmed in the blockchain network of computers. No paper visa or ink stamp will be needed, and you will be able to download the visa onto your smart phone.

All system computers in the network – the airline ticket counter, the immigration desks at the departure and at the arrival country, the immigration, consular and government offices, and even federal, state and local police offices – will be able to independently verify your visa, without need to show anything. How? With just your face.

Facial recognition scanner devices at all required locations at airports and immigration and other government offices will simple confirm your identity.

Read how the U.S. State Department is exploring and advancing to our common blockchain future.

U.S. State Department Remarks at the Blockchain Forum (October 2017)

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(Watch U.S. State Dept. Video Remarks on Blockchain Technology)