Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Our Office treats as CONFIDENTIAL AND PRIVATE all information, data and facts submitted to us by telephone, fax, mail, E-Mail, and to our websites:,, and or E-Mail addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]. In the course of our paid services, we are also committed to rules which benefit our clients governing attorney-client privilege and attorney-work product privilege.

All information, data and facts submitted to us by telephone, fax, mail, and E-Mail and to our website or E-Mail address voluntarily or in connection with our services are the sole property of our office. However, we have the utmost care and regard for the privacy and confidentiality of this information, data and facts. We will not disclose, share, impart, sell, rent or otherwise disseminate in any way this information, data and facts to any third party or the public, unless required by law. Only our office staff and affiliates and card companies (credit and debit) will have access to and review over the information, data and facts, but then only to the extent necessary for our office to perform service and billing functions regarding representation of our clients before the Immigration Service and U.S. Consulates in the securing of a visa or other benefit. Anyone submitting information to us may advise us at any time to review, delete, remove, correct, update, change or alter any information, data or facts, and we will promptly do so.

We ask you for the opportunity and privilege of contacting you from time to time, as may be appropriate, to advise you of products, services, updates and changes to our website and office, unless you notify us not to do so. You are also asked to contact us at any time about any concerns or issues with regards to your information, data and facts, or this “Privacy Policy and Terms of Use”, or your case generally.

Our website does not ask that you submit any confidential information, data or facts directly to us by telephone, fax, mail, or E-mail or to our website or E-Mail address, and thus there is no encryption or “firewall” or high-security privacy technology employed or necessary. Nevertheless, we undertake every reasonable precaution to protect any information from unauthorized disclosure or dissemination. Our computer programs, web servers, hard drives and office services and telephones and faxes and mail system are in a secure location and environment, and we make every reasonable effort to prevent dissemination of computer viruses. Our website does not employ “cookies” or other source-identification software, and we do not check an E-Mailer’s Internet Protocol address. We have certain links on our website to other websites, and when visiting or communicating with these other websites, please be aware that our “Privacy Policy and Terms of Use” may not apply. Our website and services are not intended for minors under eighteen (18) years of age. We do not market or intend to market any service to minors, and reasonably monitor to ensure that minors do not utilize anything on our website.

By your visitation, review or use of our website or use of our E-Mail address or telephone or fax or mail, whether or not an attorney-client relationship has been formed, you immediately consent to our collection and use of any information supplied as well as to our “Privacy Policy and Terms of Use”. You also immediately agree to waive and extinguish any and all claims and demands arising from any information supplied or our use of it or any comment, advice or consultation by us on it. Any changes to this “Privacy Policy and Terms of Use” will be immediately posted on this website, but we reserve the right to do so in any way and at any time without any advance or individual notice to you. Please keep in mind that, ultimately, you as the Internet User, E-Mail User, Telephone User, Fax User, Mail User or other Technology User have the sole and final responsibility for the confidentiality and use of your own information, and thus you are well advised to exercise the highest possible caution at all times when online, or on E-mail, or on the telephone or on use of fax or on use of the mail system.