Remove Conditions for Permanent Green Card – Service

Remove Conditions for Permanent Green Card

*Remove Conditions for Permanent Green Card – This immigration process adjusts or converts the status of a 24-month Lawful Resident Green Card holder to Final or Permanent Lawful Residency. The approved applicant is provided with the Permanent Green Card, valid for 10 years and renewable every 10 years. This card allows permanent residency, travel and work in the U.S. Estimated processing times in standard cases through the country are: 10 to 12 months.

(In the interim, Applicants are given a 12-month extension letter, allowing temporary continuing lawful status, upon the proper filing of the petition.)

*Our Office will provide: legal representation from start to finish until final decision is made, preparation and filing of the petition document package, liaison with USCIS Immigration for problem-resolution, preparation for Interview, if one is requested by USCIS Immigration, continuing legal consultation and case status information until conclusion.

*Please contact my office for the
current Schedule of Fees and Costs