Spousal Visa

*Spousal Visa (Resident) – This immigration visa allows the spouse of a U.S. Citizen who has lawfully married abroad to enter and reside in the U.S. for a maximum of 24 months. This visa includes the Lawful Resident “Green Card ” for the spouse, and also provides travel and work permission. Minor Children under Age 18 also may qualify. Estimated processing time in standard cases with no special issues is: 7 to 10 months from filing date. 

*Our Office will provide: legal representation from start to finish until final visa decision, preparation and filing of the petition document package, liaison with USCIS Immigration, National Visa Center and U.S. Consulate for problem-resolution, continuing legal consultation and case status information until conclusion. 

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Spousal Visa – Fees & Costs (Current to May 2022)
USCIS Immigration Petition Filing Fee: $535 for Each Petitioner
National Visa Center Processing Fees for Application: $350 for Each Applicant (Estimate)
U.S. Consular Processing Fees for Medical Examination & Vaccinations, Visa Delivery & Miscellaneous: $250 for Each Applicant (Estimate)
USCIS Immigrant Fee Paid After Visa is Issued: $220 for Each Visa Holder
Attorney Fees: $1,850 for Spouse, and $100 Additional for Each Minor Child Under 18 Years of Age